January 10, 2014

Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie Recipe
Green smoothies are pretty amazing. I work at a wellness center and my boss gives our clients a green smoothie recipe to help with the nutritional aspect of care. They're THAT good for you. They are also pretty fool-proof to make and it's the easiest way to get a ton of nutrients at once.
Green Smoothie Recipe Green Smoothie Recipe Green Smoothie Recipe
I tend to go heavier on the greens when I make smoothies because it's a helpful way to add more greens into my diet, but also because they taste really good! This smoothie has more fruit than usual because I was craving a sweeter flavor. I almost ALWAYS add lemon, especially this time of the year. Lemons are anti-viral and have super immune-system boosting powers.
Green Smoothie Recipe Green Smoothie Recipe Green Smoothie Recipe Green Smoothie Recipe
What you'll need:
-2 cups of spinach
-5 strawberries
-1/2 a banana
-1/2 a lemon
*You can add anything to green smoothies! These ingredients are just what I decided to use for this particular smoothie. The options are endless!

1. Wash your fruit and veggies
2. Put the greens in the blender and add water. I typically add just enough water to cover the greens, but it depends on my mood. I added more water to this smoothie and the end result was more of a juice consistency. Sometimes I add ice to make it thicker.
3. Blend the greens and water for 30-60 seconds. In my experience, the amount of blending time depends on your blender. If you have a really nice one it will take less time than if you don't. My blender is somewhere in-between, and sometimes I have to adjust the amount of time it takes.
4. Add the rest of your ingredients (strawberries, banana, and lemon). I squeezed the lemon into the blender and then used a spoon to get out the pulp.
5. Blend for 30 seconds. Again, this may depend on your blender and/or personal preference.
6. Pour into a glass and enjoy!
Green Smoothie Recipe

xx Courtney

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