January 2, 2014

Photo an Hour: January 1, 2014

10am: On our way to Samantha's house for a day of blogging (for the first time!) Nate was very excited, can you tell? photo an hour 11am: I love how the snow makes everything look brighter. photo an hour 12pm: Working on our first blog post! photo an hour 1pm: Sweetest little Winter. photo an hour 2pm: Still blogging away! photo an hour 3pm: His "I'm-unimpressed-with-your-blogging-let's-get-lunch" face. photo an hour 4pm: Heading home. photo an hour 5pm: Back at home. I watered our plants and I think they're seriously missing the summer sunshine. photo an hour 6pm: A little Agatha Christie after dinner. photo an hour We snuggled up and watched Lord of the Rings for the rest of the night. It was the perfect way to start the new year! xx Courtney


  1. love your girls' blog! so glad i found it.

    1. Thanks so much! We're excited to start sharing more :-) xx Courtney

  2. Gorgeous blog! Looking forward to reading more and connecting with you ladies.

    Thanks for the follow on Twitter. :)

    Welcome to the world of blogging.