March 11, 2014

Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 2

Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 2
"How many times had that clock been looked at, been pleaded, oh, please, pleeeease, go faster, please get done. Life awaits! But no, the clock answered, this is your life. Face it." - Andrea Portes, Bury This

Oh, this book. This is creepy and haunting; crude and disturbing. In all honesty, I purchased Bury This by Andrea Portes because the cover is so beautiful! Also the description reminded me of Twin Peaks and I LOVE me some Twin Peaks. It definitely has that vibe- a teenage girl's body found in a small town and quite a few people who could be the murderer. Some of the story-lines are shocking and truly disturbed me to my core.

Beth Krause was murdered in the 1970's and they were never able to solve the case. Twenty-five years later a group of college kids decide to make a documentary about her death and interview those closest to the case. The story is told from many different perspectives- Beth, her best friend, Shauna, her parents, the college students, Detective Barnett (the head detective who investigated the murder when it happened). Portes goes from each perspective effortlessly- the reader is transported back in time and back to present day with no difficulty at all.

The writing is stunning and I think that's why I couldn't put it down. Similar to marathon viewings of Law and Order: SVU- I always feel sick and angry and sad, but I just CAN'T stop watching. That's the effect this book had on me. I ended up feeling really sad for all of the characters, obviously mostly for Beth, but also for Shauna, whose story is equally as tragic. This is a book I'm so happy to have found, but I would be very selective when recommending it to others because I still have a haunted feeling when thinking about it (and I read it a few weeks ago!) This isn't one I'll be lending to my grandma anytime soon.

I definitely want to read Portes' first novel, Hick, and her newest one which will be out later this year. I'm excited to see what else she has to offer! xx Courtney

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