May 6, 2014

Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 4

Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 4
"We crash into wonder-fling ourselves upon simplicity-so it can render us heavy and senseless, deliver us finally to the ground."- Leslie Jamison

The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison is an astounding collection of essays. She writes with such a brave and honest voice- it's so easy to get hooked! Jamison came to speak in Portsmouth last month and listening to her read was such a wonderful experience. She has a serious passion for writing, and it's evident throughout this book. These essays are so personal and it feels like such a special gift that she is sharing with her reader.

The essay "In Defense of Saccharin(e)" was my favorite from the collection. Jamison compares the "shallow" stigma of artificial sweeteners to the "shallow" stigma of sentimentality. It's brilliant! She also writes about a past relationship which I could relate to on so many levels. I really enjoy how she weaves between fact and then a personal story, and then a literary example...she does this not only in this essay, but also in the rest of them. She is a captivating storyteller, and I cannot recommend this book enough!

xx Courtney

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