May 26, 2014

Photo an Hour

6am - Early riser.Description of Photo 7am - Not so early riser.Description of Photo 8am - Don't let her fool you, there was nothing shocking going on. She was completely faking it! hahaDescription of Photo 9am - This boy has such a predictable napping schedule.Description of Photo 10am - The bees were feeling fiesty...Description of Photo 11am - My sweetest boy.Description of Photo 12pm - She was putting her hands up to her face and yelling "MAMAAAA" over and over, giggling composing herself and doing it again and again.Description of Photo 1pm - Grabbing my face and forcing me to blow raspberries on her belly.Description of Photo 2pm- Epic battles between these two usually go like this...Winter grabs/hits/jumps on Solla...Solla laughs...Solla grabs/hits/jumps on Winter....Winter cries like she's being ravaged by wild boars.Description of Photo 3pm- Flowers are a BLOOOMin'.Description of Photo 4pm- Making "real" food on the weekends is such a chore.Description of Photo 5pm -They're so fanncyyy...Description of Photo 6pm- Eating said "real food" is delish though.Description of Photo 7pm- Shenanigans. Description of Photo 8pm- A little pre-bed yoga.Description of Photo 9pm- My night time snuggle buddy.Description of Photo

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