June 11, 2014

Record Shelf DIY

Record Shelf MakeoverThis project is actually a record shelf "makeover" and was inspired by a few Ikea hacks I've seen recently (this one in particular). We have an ever-growing collection of records that lived in an old black Expedit shelf from Ikea. Since black is no longer my jam when it comes to furniture (actually, who I am kidding? The black furniture was all Nate), I really wanted to spruce it up a bit. I knew I wanted to paint it white, and originally I planned to put faux wood contact paper on it, but then I just decided to go for it and use REAL wood. My uncle was a HUGE help and taught me how to cut everything (his workshop is a woodworking/DIY/project mecca). It only took a few hours (not counting paint drying time) and it was actually really easy! Record Shelf MakeoverWhat I Used:
-Expedit shelving unit
-2 cans of white spray paint
-Wood (extra from an old project)
-Wood glue
-Nail gun with 2" nails
-4 legs
Record Shelf MakeoverI started this project off by painting the entire shelf with white spray paint and then I let it dry overnight.Record Shelf MakeoverI wish I could give better measurements here, but I didn't document this process very well (it was hands on learning, people!) Basically, my uncle (the king of all DIY) had a bunch of wood that he had leftover from a previous project. It wasn't very wide, which was perfect for this shelf because we only ended up having to cut it length-wise. There are 6 pieces of wood on each side of the finished shelf. If you decide to try this project, I would just recommend that you measure the piece of furniture (length and width) and then cut your pieces of wood accordingly.
Record Shelf MakeoverAfter the wood was cut, we put wood glue on each piece, laid it down, and nailed it to the Expedit. This project would've been a lot harder to do with just one person, so I definitely recommend teamwork!
Record Shelf MakeoverI wanted to put casters on this bad boy, but apparently Nate doesn't like furniture on wheels. So we opted for these chunky little legs instead. I have a feeling at some point I'm going to want to switch them out for something a bit sleeker (metal maybe?) but for now we're both really happy with these ones.
Record Shelf MakeoverRecord Shelf MakeoverRecord Shelf Makeover I'm so happy with how this turned out and I can't wait to start using my new woodworking skills more often! xx Courtney

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