June 12, 2014

Sweet Kale Smoothie

Smoothie This smoothie is definitely one that can be used to fulfill all of your sweet craving needs! I don't usually put a whole banana into my smoothies because of how sweet they make them, but we needed to use up our bananas so I figured I'd go for it! And WOW. I've never been one to love sweet things, but this smoothie is superb! I would probably use 1/2 a banana next time and maybe no mango, but regardless, it's really great as is! If you've never tried green smoothies, I think something like this would be a great way to start. The flavor from the fruit definitely masks the kale. So if you're on the fence, give this a try!
Smoothie What you'll need:
-4 cups kale
-2 cups water
-1/2 cup mango
-1/2 cup pineapple
-1 banana
SmoothieSmoothieSmoothieI realized today that most of my smoothies look the same when I photograph them. I'm going to try to make them more colorful (I love a challenge!) but I just love adding a ton of greens, so it always takes over. They all taste different though, which is really the most important part. Buuut maybe a beet/strawberry combo will make an appearance in the near future! :)
Enjoy! xx Courtney

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