November 25, 2014

Egg Toast with Greens

Egg Toast with Greens Egg Toast with GreensTrying to give a name to a meal that you've been making for years is really hard! My roommate in college used to make this simple and delicious breakfast for us, so I always find myself wanting it on cold, grey days (I reminisce the most in the fall!) The best part of this is the chevre on was like GOLD for us poor college kids! Anyway...this is super simple and BARELY needs any instructions, but here goes!Egg Toast with Greens What you'll need:
-Butter or ghee
-1 piece of bread
-1 egg
-A handful of greens

1. Melt some butter or ghee in a pan. Once it has melted, place the piece of bread in the pan to start toasting.
2. Scramble the egg. Pour the egg over the bread. It will most likely spread out over the bread, which is fun and exciting! This definitely has a "messier" look to it.
3. Once it has cooked enough on that side, flip the bread and egg. Finish cooking.
4. Steam the greens (or cook them however you'd like!)
5. Put the greens and the egg toast on a plate. Spread a bit of chevre on the egg toast. Ta da! A simple breakfast is at your fingertips.
Egg Toast with Greens I recommend brewing a nice cup of coffee to go with this. And then go outside to your porch and sit on your porch-couch with some friends to enjoy your meal. What? You don't have a porch-couch? I don't either, but I did in college and it was the comfiest ;-) xx Courtney

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