December 29, 2014

52 Photo Project

52/52 Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Zandros: This boy. This face is what he went to while spacing out after "cheesing" for the photos he knew I was taking. So Zandros, a moment of quiet serenity before bursting into a fit of giggles and running down the beach, begging to go in the ocean.
Solla: This little wild woman had a blast at the beach. Climbing rocks, digging, playing in the sand...She is a bit of a loner and happy to have adventures on her own while her siblings play close by.
Winter: My sweetest little watcher. She is ever careful, calm, attentive. Happy to be invited to build castles with her brother and new friends.

Is there anything better than a beautiful afternoon at the beach after Christmas? Hope you are all enjoying your holiday season and if you're in the northeast the BEAUTIFUL weather we've been having!

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