February 5, 2015

Weekly Wishlist

Weekly Wishlist 1. Road Trip Vibes Print by ElloThere 2. Trilling Adventures Dress from Modcloth 3. Honeybee Poster from The Evolution Store 4. Bowery Crossbody Bag by Rebecca Minkoff 5. Love and Other Indoor Sports Tee by Rachel Antonoff

I have been craving Spring in the most intense way. We've had so many snowstorms in the past two weeks (and there are more on the way!) and it truly makes me want to hibernate all day everyday. I'm not usually one to complain- I live in New England! This is expected! But with work cancelled multiple days and a car that hasn't been doing well in the snow, I find myself dreaming of warm weather clothes, easy road trips, flowers, bees, our garden...you name it and I've been thinking about it! Feeling stuck and not being able to easily adventure around is definitely suffocating. I realize how whiny this sounds, believe me! But it has been a whiny kind of week, so there it is ;) xx Courtney

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