January 16, 2014

Photo an Hour: January 11, 2013

8am: A beautiful misty morning.
Photo an Hour 8am
9am: Sometimes a jolt of black coffee is the best motivator.
Photo an Hour 9am
10am: I could pour over cookbooks for days. I wanted to make a few recipes from this one so I took some time to make a grocery list. I posted one of the soup recipes earlier this week here.
Photo an Hour 10am
11am: I adore Alexa Chung. In a different life I would love to be a British socialite.
Photo an Hour 11am
12pm: Second coffee of the day to start a short trip to MA with my friend, Maggie.
Photo an Hour 12pm
1pm: Traffic and fog all daaaay.
Photo an Hour 1pm
2pm: Spotted this card in Anthropologie. It combines two of my favorite things: root veggies and stationary.
Photo an Hour 2pm
3pm: Maggie was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding and I was happy to view her options. It helps that I'm in love with Anthropologie and would move right in if I could!
Photo an Hour 3pm
4pm: A bag full of LUSH goodies! I don't trust any other skincare products at this point in my life.
Photo an Hour 4pm
5pm: The drive home. Are you sensing a theme here? Foggiest day ever.
Photo an Hour 5pm
6pm: Maggie was a trooper driving during rush hour (especially since it was so hard to see!)
Photo an Hour 6pm
7pm: I am constantly rearranging furniture and art. These two guys were a Christmas present a few years ago and I love them the most. They've been the center of one of our focal walls since I received them.
Photo an Hour 7pm
8pm: Getting belated Christmas presents together to send to a dear friend in Texas.
Photo an Hour 8pm
9pm: Ending the night with Girls. Lena Dunham is fabulous.
Photo an Hour 9pm

xx Courtney

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