February 14, 2014

Introducing: The Pups

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A few days ago our family grew. This sweet little rescue pup needed a home, and we happily obliged. We had been talking about maybe getting a puppy in the fall but when we met this mellow boy, we knew he was already ours. He has a very easy, laid back energy which has made this transition super smooth. We already have Karma, our mini aussie, who is seriously the most mellow and eager to please dog EVER. She is such a ray of sunshine in our lives and we wanted her to have a companion, and also, want the kids to grow up around a big dog. Z has sometimes acted a little intimidated around big dogs and I want his confidence to grow and for him to know how to handle himself around any animal. Rufus was truly meant for our family. He is beyond enamored with the kids. They all play like a little pack of puppies, sniffing out mischief together. So while our days are now even more chaotic, they are filled with so many laughs, and so much love. We are a happy little brood.
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  1. What kind of mix is this cutie.. Miss seeing you guys! xo Julie

  2. Mom was a malinois/chow mix and not sure about the dad. He's a sweetie! Miss you!! hope you guys are having a blast in the sun!