February 2, 2014

Sunday Sweets: Wave Cake Fail

shark skin cake So you may remember my Z birthday inspiration post where I was happily dreaming about an insanely ridiculous wave cake. Well let me just tell you....things did NOT go as planned! I bought natural dye and thought "Oh good! Z can have his crazy ocean cake and I don't have to use terrible-bad-for-you-even-worse-for-kids-blue dye!" Yeah, no. I baked the over the top SIX cakes required and got ready to make my ombre turquoise frosting! Except, when I added the dye to my white buttercream frosting, nothing was happening. Long story short, I added the ENITRE bottle of blue dye and it turned my frosting a whopping PALE GRAY. True story. I was so bummed. But alas, I decided it would be a "shark skin" cake instead, took off the top tier, and topped it with some chocolate covered strawberries to add a little somethin'-somethin' and threw his shark pirate on top and called it a day. To be honest, the cake wasn't even gray enough to pass as shark skin...but oh well! The cake was DELICIOUS and Z didn't notice the difference.

I made the same chocolate cake that I made last week.

For the frosting you'll need:

-4 sticks of unsalted butter (room temp)
-1/2 package of cream cheese frosting (room temp)
-6 cups of confectioners sugar (about/ to taste)
-2 tsp vanilla extract
- pinch of salt

1. Cream butter & sugar on medium speed until well combined.
2. Add cream cheese and beat for a minute or two.
3. Add vanilla & salt and beat until light and fluffy (about 3 minutes).

shark skin cakechocolate cake ingredients mixfrostingSHOCKINGLY BLUE, I know... shark skin cakeshark skin cake strawberries Enjoy!

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