April 2, 2014

W&S: Year One (a video)

Samantha and I have been friends since the first day of kindergarten and we've seen each other through SO MANY different phases in life. I was away at school when she gave birth to Z, but I was there last year when she had Solla & Winter. It was incredible. I had only been to one birth prior to that, and I have to say, I was (and still am) in complete awe over the whole experience. I hope to attend and document many more births in the future, but theirs will always hold a very special place in my heart. Watching my friends and siblings raise children is the coolest experience, and I'm lucky to be an aunt to so many awesome little humans. When it comes to Sam's kids, I didn't think I would ever like any of them more than Zandros, but I was so wrong. Solla & Winter are hysterical and so sweet and lovely. I cannot wait to watch them grow into themselves even more!

Here is a video with clips from the past year. Happiest of birthdays, you wild littles!
xx Courtney

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