May 13, 2014

Wire Planter Lamp

Wire Planter Lamp Design Sponge is one of my favorite blogs because post after post is filled with such lovely inspiration. Last Christmas my friend Maggie bought me the book! It's my go-to when I'm feeling blah about DIY projects and it always lifts my spirits. The other day I was looking through for gallery wall inspiration and decided to re-visit the DIY section. I found this amazing wire planter pendant lamp project (it's also on the website here) and decided that it would be perfect to have hanging near our new black wall. It also gave me an excuse to keep practicing with spray paint. A fast, easy and totally rad project!
Wire Planter Lamp Supplies used:
-2 hanging wire planters
-Spray paint primer
-White spray paint
-Galvanized Wire
-Pendant socket set (I already had this from Ikea) Wire Planter LampWire Planter Lamp This really is the easiest project. First, I spray painted both wire baskets with primer. After the primer dried, I sprayed them with the white spray paint. After the first coat of paint dried, I connected the two planters using the wire. I wired them in five spots evenly spaced around the planters. Once they were connected, I added a second coat of spray paint. Wire Planter Lamp We have a dropped ceiling (ugliest thing ever, I know) so I used more of the galvanized wire to hang the pendant from one of the metal dividers between ceiling tiles. Luckily the planters weren't too heavy (which was a concern at first!) The planters I used had a big enough opening that I could place the light bulb and socket inside after connecting the planters. If you use planters that don't, you'll have to place the socket and light bulb inside before connecting the planters (that's what the original DIY project said to do.) Wire Planter LampWire Planter Lamp This project was a lot of fun and it was really quick, which is a HUGE plus for me. I love that we now have a fun and unique statement piece that I can be proud of. xx Courtney

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