July 31, 2014

Life Lately

Courtney Life Lately Courtney Life Lately When it comes to photos, life has been pretty boring around here lately! But it's only because we've been so busy! I've been on the computer a lot for work and the blog, editing photos and doing some other things. I find when I'm that busy editing other photos or doing something else, I have a hard time documenting the fun stuff (which lately in my down time has been simply sitting outside with a book or listening to a podcast- nothing wild and crazy here!) Courtney Life Lately On the bright side, it's almost time for vacation! Every year (for a lonnnnnng time), Samantha's family goes to Peaks Island during the summer and rents a house. I got to go when we were younger/in high school, but for the past few years Nate and I have only had the time to take a long weekend and camp in the front yard. WELL this year we're stayin' in the house! For 8 days! Samantha and Co. will be heading there this weekend and we'll be going up next Friday. Things might be a bit quieter on the blog, but I'm sure we'll have SO MUCH to share when we get home! My goal is get our house clean and organized before we go, so hopefully I'll have more to share on that end too. I realize I say that every week, but hey! Renovations are slow moving. Courtney Life Lately PS- On a side note, today is my grandmother's birthday. She means the world to me and I can't wait to celebrate with her tonight. I cherish these old photos I have from when she was closer to my age. Wasn't she lovely?! xx Courtney

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