July 1, 2014

Raspberry Arugula Smoothie

Raspberry Arugula Smoothie Every time I put arugula in a smoothie, I'm met with surprise and distaste from those around me. Well, I'm here to publicly announce my complete devotion to arugula. I LOVE it, almost as much in smoothies as by itself. Arugula is not for the faint of heart. It's strong and loud and spicy and proud. I think that's why I like it in smoothies. Some smoothies can be too sweet for me because I accidentally add too much fruit. That almost never happens when my green is arugula! This particular combination is light- I drank it during one of these (lovely!) hot days and it was perfect! The spice of the arugula mixed with the cooling cucumber and tangy raspberries- delicious! Raspberry Arugula Smoothie Raspberry Arugula Smoothie What you'll need:
-2 cups arugula
-3/4 cup raspberries
-1 whole cucumber (on the smallish side), peeled and cut into chunks
-1 cup coconut water
-A handful of ice cubes Raspberry Arugula Smoothie I decided to use coconut water in this smoothie instead of regular water because of how hydrating it is! It has been really hot lately, so coconut water is the loveliest treat. Raspberry Arugula Smoothie To make this, I first blended the arugula and coconut water. Then I added the raspberries and cucumber. Lastly I added the ice as needed to thicken it. Mine was on the thinner side (more like a juice) but feel free to thicken it up! What do you think? Will you be trying arugula in your smoothies? I say go for it! Embrace the arugula. I dare you! xx Courtney

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