August 14, 2014

Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 5

Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 5 The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken My friend Maggie recommended The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken to me and told me that she knew I would LOVE it. Well, she couldn't have been more correct. OH MY GOD. This is the quirkiest, loveliest, saddest, sweetest PERFECT novel I maybe have ever read. I would go as far to say that if I was book, THIS would probably be the one. I read it in less than a day because I couldn't put it down. I was so involved with it and I didn't want the story to ever end. I knew it had to, obviously, but it was almost like I couldn't imagine what life would be like without it.
Bookworm Chronicles: Vol. 5 The Giant's House by Elizabeth McCracken The story is set in the 1950's and is about a lonely librarian named Peggy who falls in love with a boy 14 years younger than her named James. James has gigantism and as he grows surpasses the record for tallest man in the world. Peggy first meets James when he is just a child who visits the library, and feels something for him almost immediately. That feeling turns to love as he gets older and their friendship develops. Peggy dedicates all of her time to making sure James is well cared for, and it's so touching to follow along with. The health problems associated with gigantism guarantee from the beginning that this story will have a sad ending, but it's so worth the tears. If you're looking for something sweet and eccentric, definitely give this book a read (or three reads like me- you will get it back soon, Maggie, I promise!) xx Courtney

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