August 13, 2014

TV Wall Shelves

TV Wall ShelvesYou may remember my living room inspiration post from before we started our home makeover, but if not I should start this by saying that I VERY strongly dislike the way TV's look in a room. I know I'm not alone here, but gosh, it's the worst. When I was deciding what color to paint our space, I thought it would be nice to paint the TV wall black. I'm so happy with this decision! I love how it looks, and it definitely helps mask the TV a lot. I then decided that it would be nice to go further and put shelves around it.TV Wall ShelvesTV Wall ShelvesTV Wall ShelvesAt first I thought that I would build an industrial shelving unit using pipes, but then I settled on the idea of simple black shelves. This isn't our forever home, and I didn't want them to be a hassle to remove in the future. Someday I would love to have a lovely TV built-in! Or maybe just a room filled with books and NO TV...that would obviously be the ultimate space. TV Wall ShelvesTV Wall ShelvesTV Wall ShelvesFor now I really love this wall. Now to figure out the art situation on the other half of it! xx Courtney

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