September 10, 2014

Ombré Record Crate

Ombre Record CrateOmbre Record CrateNate and I have a serious thing for vinyl. There's just something about the raw, grainy sound...nothing makes me happier. And the sound the needle makes when it drops? GOSH it just makes me giddy. The hunt for good (and inexpensive!) records is also a blast. You never know where you'll find gems (garage sales are my favorite!)Ombre Record CrateOmbre Record CrateWe customized an Ikea shelf which currently holds our collection, but I wanted something to put near the record player to store records that we listen to frequently. I found these unfinished crates at Michael's and decided to paint the front blue with a nice ombre effect. I'm super excited about how it turned out! I grabbed two shades of blue and one white and finger painted while watching Project Runway one night. It took about five minutes, and the end result is exactly what I wanted!Ombre Record CrateI have to say, this has made life more convenient. I'm guilty of being late (to everything always) and I sometimes forget (or don't have time) to put records away, so now I have a spot to put them and Nate won't reprimand me ;) A quick and simple solution. It's the little things, guys! xx Courtney

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