October 2, 2014

Cuke-Celery & Berry Smoothie

Cuke-Celery and Berry SmoothieI love thick and creamy smoothies, but sometimes it's nice to thin 'em out! This one has a juice consistency with the bonus of using the blender instead of the juicer. I know there are many debates about which is better, fresh juice or smoothies, but I am a smoothie gal! I do love fresh juice and I use my juicer occasionally, but I use my blender to make smoothies almost daily- clearly smoothies win in my book. But for a snack a...juicier smoothie is really nice!Cuke-Celery and Berry Smoothie Cuke-Celery and Berry Smoothie Cuke-Celery and Berry SmoothieWhat you'll need:
-3/4 cup blueberries
-1 cup kale
-1 cup mixed greens
-1 cucumber
-2 stalks of celery
-1 cup water
Cuke-Celery and Berry SmoothieThis smoothie was very refreshing and tasted like summer (you know what I mean? sometimes you can just taste a season!) For the cuke, I left the peel on because it has add nutritional benefits but if your blender isn't as strong it would be fine peeled. I blended the cuke, celery, and greens with the water, then added the blueberries last. So delicious! xx Courtney

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