November 21, 2014

Record of the Week: Vol. 1

Record of the WeekWe're adding a short and sweet new weekly feature to the blog this week: Record of the Week! This was actually Nate's idea months ago, but we're just now getting around to starting it. We listen to A LOT of music in our house (and I know Samantha and fam do too!) so it's definitely something we're passionate about. And who better to showcase on the first post then Bob Dylan? I've been listening to his Greatest Hits album a lot lately!Record of the WeekNothing sounds better on a rainy day (or any day really) than a Bob Dylan record on vinyl. NOTHING I tell you! His voice was made for it. The grainy and lovely sound of vinyl feels like home to me, and when I hear Bob sing "Rainy Day Woman" and "Subterranean Homesick Blues," I definitely melt a little inside. I can't remember exactly where we found this gem, but I believe it was a few years ago when we were taking Zandros for a walk while Samantha and Alex were moving. Someone who lived a few streets over from them was also moving and had a big crate of vinyl just sitting on the lawn waiting for someone to take it. There were so many amazing records and somehow most of them were still in great shape. Regardless of where we found this, it's definitely a record that I listen to a lot especially lately as it gets colder. A strong cup of coffee and Bob Dylan warm my soul like nothing else. xx Courtney

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