January 9, 2015

52 Photo Project

1/52 Zandros Solla Winter Another year, another 52! I love looking back at their 52 so much that I couldn't just SKIP it for 2015! I have a terrible memory and this is one of the most precious gifts I could give myself, to be able to look back and have memories recorded for the year.
Zandros: His creative mind has been blossoming as of late. The things he can create out of a cardboard box blow my mind. When left alone with a box, scissors and tape, all things are possible.
Solla: My sweet Sol. She has been coveting extra snuggles and mama time, teething hard. Happy to sit and read a book or dance, as long as I'm holding her. She and Winter have changed roles, Winter taking on alpha sister, taking things from Solla and being aggressive towards everyone, a role Solla happily played for a year. Now Solla is as Winty once was, sweet and soft, a little ray of sunshine.
Winter: Winter is unlike any toddler I've met. She has an obsession with cleaning, pouring out water just to wipe it "uppy" with a paper towel or sponge. She will search high and low for a coaster and then carry it around all day, lest she have to set her drink down without it! The cleaning force is strong in this one. Her new play kitchen keeps her occupied for hours. Pretending to cook and clean and her favorite- hosting tea party upon tea party.

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