January 30, 2015

Record of the Week: Volume 6

Record of the Week Volume SixOh, Kanye West. My feelings toward you have always been a bit scattered, but there's one thing I know for sure: The College Dropout is SO GOOD. I was still in high school when this album came out, and I was going through a hardcore 60's and 70's rock phase (which I never outgrew, thankfully) but when I heard "Through the Wire" I was thoroughly hooked. I mean, the guy rapped with his jaw wired shut AND sampled Chaka Khan. How can you go wrong? The rest of the album is equally as good- "Jesus Walks," "All Falls Down," and "Two Words" are my personal favorites.Record of the Week Volume SixNate has a strong disdain for Kanye West, which based on some of his actions I totally understand, so I was shocked when he bought me this record. But he knows that while I agree Kanye IS kind of a douchebag, his music still makes me so happy. It's unique, and just purely good hip-hop. Not to mention that he and Kim Kardashian are kind of killing it in the fashion department these days, and I'm a BIG fan of that. xx Courtney

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