January 22, 2015

Striped Desk DIY

Striped Desk DIYStriped Desk DIYStriped Desk DIYI bought an extremely ugly desk at a thrift store last year with every intention of re-making into something that I actually liked. Unfortunately that NEVER HAPPENED and it just sat for almost a year and I hated everything about it but never felt motivated to do anything. Fast forward to my birthday last month when all I wanted was a rug at Ikea. Nate and I went and he bought me a gorgeous rug (yay!) AND I found these black Oddvald trestles. Something in my mind clicked, and I decided that I wanted (needed!) to make myself a new desk with them. Striped Desk DIYStriped Desk DIYSupplies Used:
-Two Oddvald trestles from Ikea
-Two pieces of scrap wood (I think they used to go to a shelving unit or something, so they were KIND OF scrap wood)
-Smaller pieces of scrap wood to hold the above two pieces together
-Painters tape
-Black and white paint
Striped Desk DIY1) This is only sort-of a DIY post since everything was whole and just needed to be put together. After buying the trestles, I went to my great-uncle's workshop and asked him if he had any spare wood that I could use for the desk top. We found two pieces of wood that were about the same size (and stain) so I'm pretty sure they went together in another piece of furniture at some point. I don't LOVE stained wood in general, but something about this spoke to me.Striped Desk DIY2) I connected the two surfaces by screwing two smaller pieces of wood underneath to hold them together. One of the big pieces of wood is a little bit wider than the other so there's a lip in the middle of the desk, but I'm perfectly okay with that! I actually like that it has a slightly unfinished look.

3) My original plan was to paint the trestles white and then paint thick black and white stripes on the desk top. However, like I said before, something about this stain really speaks to me! So I decided to make smaller black and white stripes AND keep some stripes unpainted. I didn't measure at all, so the stripes are all different widths and they DEFINITELY aren't perfectly straight. After the paint dried, I really liked how the black trestles looked, so I decided not to paint them either. Less work AND the end result is something totally unique!
Striped Desk DIYStriped Desk DIY Striped Desk DIYI completely surprised myself with this desk. It has a lot of black and a lot of stained wood, which is the opposite of what I usually gravitate toward! But I truly do love it, and it's nice to have a big workstation. Now to figure out what to do with those damn computer cords! xx Courtney

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