January 22, 2015

52 Photo Project

2/52 Description of Photo Description of Photo Description of Photo Zandros: My sweet Z is 5 today. FIVE. I literally cannot believe that. He has changed my world in the most incredible ways and I couldn't be more proud to be his mother. I am in awe of him constantly, his sweet soul, caring heart and imaginative & curious nature. My heart bursts for him.
Solla: Crazy gal. She reminds me so much of Z when he was younger, if not a bit more wild. She has jungle in her blood, I swear. We often refer to her as the only toddler who would easily survive a zombie apocalypse.
Winter: This is so standard for Winter. Pretending to sleep with a strange collection of 'must have' items. Another noteworthy favorite as of late is screaming, and I mean SCREAMING "HE-HE!!!!!" (her nickname for Zandros) at the top of her lungs for Z to come and push her in her toy doll stroller.

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