December 9, 2014

On Love and Coffins

On Love and Coffins On Love and Coffins On Love and Coffins On Love and CoffinsNate and I celebrated our SIXTH anniversary a couple of weeks ago. SIX YEARS! That number sounds SO crazy to me. And let's face it...the line between are we just friends or are we now dating can be VERY blurry, so officially I think our anniversary is sometime in March. But I distinctly remember spending time together before Thanksgiving and feeling like there was something between us that went deeper than a silly old friendship. So we celebrate in November too. On Love and Coffins On Love and Coffins On Love and CoffinsThis year we both bought each other coffin shaped presents. I'm pretty sure there is no bigger sign that two people are meant to be together than the purchasing of TWO separate coffin shaped gifts. At least we didn't buy each other real coffins? Maybe we'll save that for wedding anniversaries someday ;-) Nate bought me this GORGEOUS ring from Tumbleweeds Handcraft. It's unreal. Those guys are so unbelievably talented, which I knew from purchasing sunglasses in the past, but this ring?! It's such amazing quality and it's stunning. I bought him a coffin-shaped pocket knife that was used as a promotional item for a funeral home in the 80's. Nothing says come to our funeral home like a pocket knife!On Love and Coffins On Love and CoffinsI'm so happy to have this guy by my side on all of our adventures. Here's to many more years and many more coffins (haha) in our future! xx Courtney

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  1. I love everything about this! Congratulations on six years!!!