December 4, 2014

Record of the Week: Volume 3

Record of the Week Volume ThreeFor me, Elvis was a HUGE part of Christmas growing up. My great-uncle Jim LOVED Elvis, so I grew up believing that Elvis was a god-like figure. My uncle passed away a few years ago, and everytime I hear an Elvis song, I'm reminded of him and my childhood. My uncle loved Christmas too (maybe that's where I get it from?) so this album is very comforting to me this time of year. Nate and I have his old record player and I feel extra thankful every time we put a record on. Record of the Week Volume ThreeMy personal favorite song by Elvis (out of all of them!) is "Blue Christmas." It's just so GOOD, you know? Unfortunately it was only added to this album in reissue pressings and ours doesn't have it. It does, however, have all of my favorite classic Christmas songs, and also features an amazing choir. I actually think I love it because Elvis blends in with the choir, and his voice is soft and subtle. I definitely recommend giving this album a listen (preferably the version that ends with "Blue Christmas!") if you love this season as much as I do. xx Courtney

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