January 16, 2015

Record of the Week: Volume 5

Record of the Week Volume FiveYou guys. I own a Taylor Swift record and it has been frequently spinning for the past TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. I've never been a huge Taylor Swift fan in the past, but this album is SO much fun! The 80's pop influence is pretty obvious and it's so much better than any other pop album I've heard in recent years. I love "Blank Space" and "Bad Blood" because let's face it, Taylor Swift does nothing better than write about bad relationships and break-ups. But she does it in the best catchy way possible and it's impossible not to get hooked (or perhaps it is possible in which case I just don't have the willpower!) I also really like the last song on the album, "Clean" which was co-written by Imogen Heap and features her vocals in the background. It's slower and slightly haunting, and the perfect ending to the album. Not to mention I LOVE Imogen Heap and that was a wonderful surprise.Record of the Week Volume FiveI've always stood up for Taylor Swift even when I didn't love the music she was creating because she's a 20-something female pop artist who writes her own lyrics AND knows how to play instruments. In the pop world these days that's pretty hard to come by. Add that to the fact that she's unapologetic for living her life on her own terms? She's pretty freaking badass. Do I think that she's the best lyricist EVER? No. But I respect what she does and 1989 is pure, sweet, pop heaven and I'm pretty obsessed. xx Courtney

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